Are Cat Owners More Likely to Commit Suicide?
Conventional wisdom holds that keeping a pet can actually improve your health. But a new study suggests that people who own cats may actually be at a higher risk of committing suicide. Ack! Suddenly we're looking at our kitty in a whole new light.
Funniest Memes of the Week – Drunk Baby, Implying Dog, and more
Move over Overly Attached Girlfriend, Drunk Baby is our newest favorite meme. With droopy eyes and perched in front of a beer, this baby looks both adorable and, well, drunk. But with Drunk Baby all the rage, let's just say Godfather Baby is not happy. Don't worry though, funny babies aren't all we …
Google Creates Artificial Brain That Loves Cats
As a way to create a simulation of the human brain, a group of researchers at Google constructed a neural network made up of 16,000 computer processors. Then, they turned their creation loose on the internet where it immediately developed a taste for cat videos. This thing is so human it's scar…
Starscream the Cat Packs For a Trip
If a cat were to pack for a trip, what do you think it would bring? A plastic ball with a bell in it? A portable scratching post? A small pouch of catnip? According to this funny video entitled 'Cat Pack,' the answer is none of the above.
‘Meowbook’ Offers Social Networking for Cats
Given the unceasing popularity of cats on the internet, it was probably just a matter of time before felines got their own social networking site. In that spirit, a man has created "Meowbook," a place where kitties can connect with others in a safe environment. But don't get t…
Fat Cat Spongebob Goes on a Diet for a Good Home
If someone calls you a “fat cat,” that person is basically saying you’re ridiculously rich and leading a life of luxury. But if you happen to be a severely obese cat of the four-pawed variety, you can take that moniker to heart, literally.

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