Here’s Definitive Proof That Cats are Jerks
Gather your five closest friends and ask them the most simple of questions, "cats or dogs?" We believe there is no faster conversation starter for an intense, spirited debate.  This video, for those of you unequivocally on "team dog," confirms all of tho…
Cat Escapes Dog By Hopping on Surfboard
The latest chapter in the ongoing battle between dogs and cats contains quite the aquatic twist. What we have is a dog chasing a cat toward a swimming pool. It looks like it's either get wet or fight for the feline.
‘Indiana Jones Cat’ Opens Fridge Like a Pro
If 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' is best-known for anything, it's the fact that Indy managed to emerge unscathed from a nuclear bomb blast by hiding within a lead-lined refrigerator. (The absurd scene even spawned the modern colloquialism "nuke the fridge.") The frid…
A Cat. In A Hat. On A Bike
This is a cat in a hat on a bike. No CGI, no tricks, no stunts, just some guy on bicycle who apparently loves his cat enough to install some handlebars and make sure his kitty has some shade.
It’s Kitten Versus Doberman In Cutest Match-Up Ever
Animals getting along together are just super fun to watch. Particularly sworn enemies like cats and dogs. But a tiny kitten playing with a full grown doberman? Check out this cute (albeit a bit worrying) video in which a six-week-old kitten shows no fear as it takes on a two-year-old Doberman.
Stubbs the Cat Is the World’s First Feline Mayor
Meet Stubbs, a sassy cat who has recently rocketed to fame. As mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, he attracts visitors from far and wide, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the longest serving mayors in the US.
Known locally as "Mayor Stubbs," the feline's popularity is undisputed: h…
Cat Punches Out Dog in Funniest Photo Ever
For reasons we've never fully understood, cats and dogs have had long-standing animosity toward each other. While dogs tend to use brute strength to win conflicts, we suspects cats will do whatever they need to get the upper hand (er, paw). As proof, check out this image where a cat totally see…

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