Chill Cat Hangs Out Like a Human
This cat is chilling so hard, it almost puts zen cat to shame. It's not doing much, just sitting in an upright position, leaning on a pole, like people do, staring at a field like a typical grandpa. Silly cat, bad posture is for people, not kitties...
Skunk and Kitten are Adorable Best Friends
It's a good day on the internet for domesticated wild animals. First there was a raccoon dentist, and now a pet skunk that won't stop smooching on a cat. Also upping the awwww factor are the pet owners saying 'kisses, kisses, kisses!' over and over again in French...
Man Builds Totally Sweet Maze for His Cat
Rufus the cat was mad at his owner because he kept giving him painful eardrops. If he doesn't forgive him after this, then who needs a jerk cat like that anyway? The guy built him an awesome maze out of cardboard boxes. What else do you need...
New York City Hotel Hosts Cat Fashion Show
New York City Fashion Week kicks off today, and what better way to celebrate than by checking out a cat fashion show? Comedian and blogger Julie Klausner discovered a unique fashion show in the video above taking place in New York City.
Mushroom Cat Will Blow Your Mind
We aren't really sure what's going on here. It could be that it's just a highly-accessorized cat that really doesn't want to open its eyes. Maybe there's no more meaning to it than that. Or maybe this cat has unlocked the SECRET OF THE INTERNET. It's a mystery, folks.
Maru the Cat Finally Gets Commercial Deal
It was only a matter of time before somebody needed a cat that would climb into a box for a commercial. Now that that's finally happened, internet famous feline Maru is starring in a Uniqlo commercial for one of their San Francisco locations. And there are lots of boxes. And Maru. Plus prizes!
This Cat Has Memorized Its Feeder Schedule Exactly
Cats are very, very attached to their food. It's just their way. And as any cat owner knows, it can be tricky to put a cat on a diet.
And if you do, you'll also have to figure out how to keep it from lurking around its food dish waiting for the timer to go off.
Adorable ‘Dark Knight’ Kitten Rises
This cat just might be the coolest one we've ever seen before. It's like Harvey Dent for the feline population. For the non-'Dark Knight' nerds, Harvey Dent is Batman's nemesis 'Two-Face.' You know, the guy that wasn't Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight.&ap…

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