Patient Cat Tolerates Cute Baby Gibbon
We commend this cat, whose patience is dangling by a thread. If cats can grind their teeth, then Chuck (named after her propensity for barfing) must be doing it for this whole video, as extremely playful (and handsy) baby gibbon APEril climbs all over her...
Meet ‘Grumpy Cat,’ the Web’s Unhappiest Kitty
You guys, Grumpy Cat is definitely real. And she plays. Sort of. When Grumpy Cat "plays" she mostly just scowls at the camera and then hides under things, but still. Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation pretty much as soon as people saw her grumpy face on Reddit. Here's som…
Awesome Cats Go ‘Gangnam Style’
We still can’t quite decide if ‘Gangnam Style’ is hilarious or slightly nightmare-inducing. One thing is for sure though--the mega-hit is straight up addicting, although we’re not exactly sure why.
Cat Adorably Dislikes Coins
This video "Cat, Have a Coin" tries to answer a question that haunts our dreams and troubles our waking life: Just how easy is it to get a cat to hold a coin.
The answer? Very.
‘Rich Cats of Instagram’ Tumblr Exposes High Class Kitties
Remember that ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Tumblr that was so annoyingly intriguing? That was when we learned kids rollin’ in some major dough enjoy activities like bathing with champagne bottles and taking the ol' water jetpack out for a spin. You know, the usual.
Well, we’ve found cats want in on the a…
25 Hilarious Animal ‘Photobombs’
Photobombs are the (often intoxicated) work of a dude who stealthily weasels his way into your photographs, completely marring what would've been a nice clean picture of you and your boo on your romantic vacation.
But it doesn't stop here. This snapshot wrecking ball genius has pets.
Ridiculous Kitty Eats With a Fork
Alright, so we're 99% certain this cat isn't actually eating with a fork, but that's not really the point. The point is how creepy and adorable is it when a cat eats with a fork?
The Best of the ‘Animals with Glasses’ Tumblr
If you put any sort of human accessory on an animal, you better believe we’ll love it. Remember those rats in miniature hats and cats in feline-couture costumes? Well, we’ve discovered yet another furry style statement: glasses. Say hello to the ‘Animals with Glasses’ Tumblr, which features…well, an…
Rock Out With ‘Collective Soul Cat’
Ummmm ... this is a cat singing "Shine" by Collective Soul. There's not much more to say about it, because what more do you need to say about a cat singing Collective Soul? It's amazing. Watch it. Learn it. Love it.
The Cutest Kitten and Puppy Cams on the Web
Let’s face it, the internet is good for many things.  Seeing status updates from Aunt Gladys talking about going to the gym to impress her new creepo boyfriend is not one of them. Take the sting out of an unfortunate Facebook TMI with some of the internet’s best …

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