Car Bungee Jumps from 10 Stories [VIDEO]
To promote its new sub-compact car the Sonic, Chevy had the vehicle bungee jump off a 10-story structure. Now anyone who buys a Sonic will know that their car can accommodate the thrill seekers in the family.
Chevy Sonic Goes Skydiving and Bungee Jumping [VIDEO]
This video of a skydiving Chevy Sonic is part of an ad campaign based around the idea of firsts.
In addition to skydiving, the campaign also features a video of the Sonic completing what is presumably the first automobile bungee jump ever attempted. Watch them both below.
Reckless Driving Is Bad – Or Is It? [VIDEO]
This little PSA starts out earnestly enough, warning of the dangers of driving too fast and how slowing down even a little can increase the time needed to stop a car -- and possibly avoid hitting a pedestrian.

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