The Flying Car Is Finally a Reality
Mankind have been dreaming about flying cars ever since the days of the 'Jetsons.' Back then, people predicted "by the year 2000" we would all be flying about in our sedans. This is 2012, and instead, we're complaining about rising gas prices as we still roll around in boring old 4-wheeler…
World’s Worst Driver Lands in Swimming Pool
Back in November, we told you about an elderly woman who accidentally went for a joyride in a swimming pool. Well, it's happened again, this time in Washington state. What are the odds? If you're a spectacularly terrible driver, pretty good actually.
10 Videos of Bad Drivers Crashing Into Things
You'll need no more evidence than the videos below to prove that the world is full of people who can't drive. We've gathered 10 examples of cars crashing into stores, homes and even a swimming pool. Convenience stores and gas stations, in particular, seem to bear the brunt of bad drivers. So, defini…
Watch How a Life-Size Lego Ford Explorer Gets Made
What if instead of buying a new car you could just construct your own out of Legos? To inaugurate a new partnership between Legoland and Ford, a team of Lego craftsmen built a life-size Ford Explorer out of the colorful plastic blocks for the Florida-based theme park.
Take a Ride Across America in Five Minutes [VIDEO]
Brian DeFrees, 25, took a two-month road trip across America and recorded his entire trip through a dashboard mounted cam. Now, thanks to time-lapse technology, you can now watch the entire 12,225 mile cross-country drive, from sea to shinning sea, in about five minutes.
Car-Themed Wedding Cake Makes Eating It Difficult [VIDEO]
Many couples choose to have unique, offbeat weddings, and one couple in particular decided on something complete different for their wedding cake. Sitting on top of what can only be assumed as an automotive-themed wedding, sits a semi-truck next to the bride and groom figurines.
The working ligh…

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