Dog Owner Offers Out Hugs to Heal Newtown
In an attempt to heal not only the ones directly connected to the tragedy at Newtown, CT, this past Friday, but the entire town, retired special education teacher Michael Cragin has decided to offer out hugs — not from him, but from his beloved bulldog Truman.
Best Dog Video Nominees — TheFW 2012 Awards
We love dogs. They're like cats that don't give us hives or try to suffocate us in our sleep. So it was extra-challenging for us to go through all of the amazing dog videos we've shared with you during 2012 and pick out the best. But we did. Because we care about you. And dogs. Mostly dogs. But also…
The Funniest Photo Captions of the Week (Created By You!)
It seems like just one week ago we were posting a picture of a dog in a garbage can on our Facebook page. Since then, we've shared lots of stuff with you, and in return, you make us LOL with your witty, sometimes disturbing (looking at you, guy who said he take his time killing a cat) comments. Here…
Porter the Bulldog Is No Fan of Leashes
Everyone loves bulldogs, whether they're dapper or just being fussy, or even, in the case of Porter the English bulldog, royally miffed. Porter hates his leash so much, and he's throwing a fit about it. It sounds a bit like an alien from outer space, but he's cute enough that we'…
Adorable Baby Loves Getting Sloppy Kisses From Cute Bulldog
Getting his ear and hair licked by Giant, the family bulldog, brings baby George much laughter and delight. In fact, when Gaint stops the licking George begins to rub his face against the pooch in hopes that it will initiate another session of slobbering. Too bad the pup has clearly had enough. Mayb…
Even French Bulldogs Cry to Adele Songs
There's no denying that Adele has amazing vocal chops. But it's the fact she sings with pure, raw emotion that's made her a star. This depressed French bulldog, who cries to a song by the British songstress, seems keenly aware of this.

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