Read Beyonce’s Fan Letter to Michelle Obama
When it comes to the public's approval, Michelle Obama has a higher rating than even her husband. So it shouldn't be surprising if we see more and more of Michelle as we approach the 2012 election.
In fact, just this week she showed up on the 'The Colbert Report,' and the cover of Ebony Magazine. But…
Excited Beyonce Fan Sings Like a Strangled Cat [VIDEO]
For a performer, there's nothing like standing on stage and hearing the roar of the crowd. The same can't really be said for those times when that roar turns into what can only be described as a wounded moan -- the kind of thing you'd expect to hear out of an injured dog or a sad chimpanzee.
Taiwanese Animators Take on the Beyonce Baby News [VIDEO]
Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation company famous for such gems as the re-enactment of the Tiger Woods car crash and the bizarre recap of Steve Jobs' career, has found its next subject: Beyonce and Jay-Z's unborn baby.
The awesomely hilarious clip shows Beyonce's reveal of the pregnancy at…

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