Watch Tiger Woods and Shaq Duel Martial Arts-Style
Using Kung-Fu to market a golf game? The makers of 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13,' Electronic Arts, seem to think it's a good idea. EA has unveiled a viral commercial starring the basketball giant Shaquille O' Neal and the game's title master Tiger Woods. Dressed in traditional s…
‘Alabama Face Sign’ Guy Jack Blankenship Invades Jimmy Fallon
University of Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship has become an internet star for his novel approach to distracting the opposing team at college basketball games. Instead of holding up a normal sign, he waves around a giant cardboard cutout of his goofy face.
Blankenship and his funny prop were in New …
Basement B-Ball Kid Has Skills That Won’t Pay the Bills
Oh, the early '90s. Hammer Pants were fashionable, Nirvana was just preparing to stop hair metal as a genre in its tracks, and basketball was king. Michael Jordan was still in the game, and everybody wanted to be like Mike. Even, as this video proves, the dorky kids from the suburbs.
Alabama Basketball Fan Distracts Rival Team With Giant Face
Part of what makes college basketball so entertaining is the lengths to which the student body section of the crowd will go to distract the opposing team. Jack Blankenship, a freshman at the University of Alabama, has come up with the most clever twist on this tradition we've seen in …

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