‘Strasburger’ Might Be the Worst Food to Buy at a Baseball Game
If you happen to be at a Washington Nationals baseball game this year, you may notice the Red Porch concession stand selling a ginormous sandwich named after Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg called the “StrasBurger." But while it might look tasty, this may actually be one of the wo…
Squirrel Steals Home During Baseball Game [VIDEO]
During Wednesday night's playoff game between Philadelphia and St. Louis, a squirrel ran right across home plate as Phillies hurler Roy Oswalt threw a pitch. Now the varmint has his own Twitter account with over 20,000 followers.
Check out the video that made him famous below…
Alec Baldwin Pees His Pants for the New York Yankees [VIDEO]
Any sports fan knows that the slightest change in their in-season rituals can have a great influence over whether their favorite team wins or loses.
So that's why Yankees fan Alec Baldwin refuses to indulge his intense urge to urinate while watching his home team play John Krasinski&ap…

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