What Were the ‘Star Wars’ Villains Like as Kids?
Yeah, we all know how 'Star Wars' villains Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader turned out. But have you ever wondered what they were like as kids?
Etsy sellers the Octopus Tree House did, and the resulting prints by the artist collective are oddly adorable.
Incredible Photos Capture Exploding Objects
Artist Alain Sailor loves blowing stuff up and using high-speed photography to freeze the destruction in time. He explodes, shoots and even electrocutes subjects from apples to cigarettes to produce these surreal looking images.
Art Made From the Dust of 9/11 Attack
When the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, the surrounding streets were enshrouded in plumes of smoke and massive clouds of dust.
Artist Xu Bing collected much of this dust and ten years later has used it as material for an installation called Where Does the Dust Collect? Blowing the dust onto the floor…
Sweet Celebrity Portraits Are Made Out of Licorice
These licorice portraits look good enough to eat. Artist Jason Mercier is known for his celebrity mosaics made of candy, food, pills and make up and even celebrity's own junk. For his latest project, called 'Licorice Flix: Edible Movie Mosaics,' he took scenes from some of his fa…
Man Draws in His Sleep [VIDEO]
Of  all the things one can do while sleepwalking, Lee Hadwin seems to have found the most lucrative. Ever since he was a child, the 37-year-old has drawn sketches in his sleep, some of which have fetched sums of over $100,000.

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