Even Angry Birds Need a Therapist [VIDEO]
All that flying through the air and crashing into things has apparently taken an emotional toll on one of the feathered warriors from 'Angry Birds,' and he's even sought therapy to cope.
10 Costumes Fit for Committing a Crime
Another day, another person disguised as a fictional character commits a crime. The other day, Gumby was busted for trying to rob a 7-11 and now, Darth Vader has robbed a gas station and taking off on a bike. Guess they never did finish that second Death Star
Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Honored With Google Doodle [VIDEO]
To commemorate what would have been Queen singer Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday this weekend, Google published a Mercury-ized doodle on their homepage, along with an accompanying animated video. The clip imagines the late star (who passed away in 1991 due to AIDS complications), cavorting thro…
The Steve Jobs Taiwanese Animation Is Here! [VIDEO]
We all know that Apple was founded when Steve Jobs took a technicolor trip through a forest and was bonked on the head with a Newtonian Apple logo of inspiration, before going on to literally give birth to a bulky Macintosh computer. Well, that's how Taiwanese animation team Next Media Animatio…
Man Gets a Reverse Haircut in Clever Short [VIDEO]
A drastic haircut can be a traumatizing experience. But what if you could get your old look back in a snap?
Tom Offer Westort and his friend Peter Simon got inspired by Tom's decision to shear off all his head and facial hair and created this clever stop-motion video in which his extreme haircut is s…
Who Needs Paper? Animated Ad Drawn on 900 Fake Fingernails [VIDEO]
To help market the new Picanto, the smallest car in its fleet, auto manufacturer Kia put together a stop-motion animation film -- on fingernails.
The project took 1,200 bottles of nail polish and 900 artificial nails. Artists spent two hours painting each one, working around the clock for 25 days str…
Animator Re-Imagines ‘Mad Men’ Opening Credits [VIDEO]
Can't wait until 2012 for more 'Mad Men'? We've got two suggestions to whet your appetite: Emotions with Jon Hamm, a Tumblr dedicated to the expressive man behind stoic lead Don Draper, and this animated re-imagining of the show's opening credits, from the mind of illustrator Paul Rogers.
The sleek, …

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