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17 Animals Excited for ‘Shark Week’
Shark Week is here! Shark Week is here! We can finally stop living like it's Shark Week, because it's actually Shark Week! We're not the only one's who are excited by the prospect -- these animals also seem pretty geared up. (We're going to pretend the costumes were their id…
Take TheFW’s 2013 Best of Summer Survey
Summer is almost over, but what a summer it's been! From Street Fighter reenactments to exploding actresses, summer 2013 has given the internet plenty of fodder to create hilarious memes, viral videos and more.
Now we want to know what your favorite viral videos, memes, images and more are from this …
Awesome Tumblr Brings Disney Characters to Real Life
It's no secret that we love Disney AND animated GIFs, so we were especially happy to discover the Tumblr Black and White Disney. There you can find animated footage of your favorite Disney characters walking around Disneyland (and other locales) like they're real. It's pretty magical.
‘In the Way Guy’ Ruins All the Pictures
It started simply enough (as these things tend to do), with a redditor posting this picture with the headline "Tried to get a photo of our proposal ... nailed it!" On its own, it's pretty hilarious. But the internet wasn't done with this photobombing guy. Not yet.
10 Crushworthy Aubrey Plaza GIFs
If you haven't heard the name Aubrey Plaza yet, you will soon. Most famously known for her role as April on the NBC show 'Parks and Recreation,' Plaza is coming out with a new movie that's sure to make a splash.

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