Today, Taco Bell unleashed on the public its brilliant mash-up of late night munchies. Starting at midnight, Facebook fans of Taco Bell, and anyone else who was in the know, could stop by to try their new Doritos Locos Tacos. It’s like the walking taco you don’t have to DIY and you can eat without a fork.

The ingenious fast food is all part of Taco Bell’s new Live Mas campaign, which was introduced at the end of February with the “Pockets” commercial. So what’s the song in the ad?

The song is the rather obscure ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ by Fake Problems. This quirky tune with an unmistakable element of carefree good times is from the band’s 2010 release ‘Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.’ The quartet of former high school buddies comes straight out of Naples, FL and has been producing albums, mostly on their own, since 2005.

Fake Problems is a fringe-y blend of bubble gum punk, indie rock and alt-country drive. They won’t be fringe for long though -- they’re about to get hot and then travel to a city near you. In the next week, they’ll be playing SXSW in Austin and if bands like The Ting Tings and Vampire Weekend are any example, SXSW shoves you right into the mainstream. That is, if Taco Bell doesn’t do it first. Check out the Taco Bell ad and the Fake Problems performing their catchy tune live below.

The Commercial

Fake Problems ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ Live