Well it looks like 25 seasons in, 'Survivor' might still have a few casting tricks up its sleeve. Namely Blair from 'The Facts of Life'!!! And former Major League Baseball MVP Jeff Kent, as well. (Sorry, Jeff. You don't warrant multiple exclamation points.) Plus, some guy who can only talk about his hair, and an actual cancer survivor.

The show will air September 19th, and then we'll see how the "country girl" lesbian, "trouble maker" and "guy who lets his girlfriend give him wacky haircuts" get along with the two kind-of celebrities.

Also competing is a former Miss Utah Teen, an investment banker and a guy who's so good looking that nobody believes he's an engineer. There's also another pageant girl, and a lady who just keeps asking why everybody there is so attractive. Oh, and a girl who describes herself as "very attractive," a redneck with lots of tattoos and a girl who is training to be a military chaplain. Plus a guy who has a problem with wacky hairdo guy's hair. DRAAAMA!

We're probably forgetting somebody, so hopefully they'll be the first one kicked off the island and we can pretend the whole thing never happened.