Given the number of frustrating things people experience on the subway (delays, sticky seats, overflowing garbage cans, reckless kids, etc.), a set of ill-made stairs is probably the least of our worries. And yet, a Brooklyn man went out of his way to document a set of poorly-constructed stairs that cause nearly every subway rider to trip.

After tripping while exiting the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn more times than he could count, filmmaker Dean Peterson decided to give the stairs a closer look and discovered that one step was a fraction of an inch higher than all the others.

So he set up a camera and recorded people as they exited the subway. Some quickly recover after tripping up the stairs, but others fall straight to their knees. In one case, a man carrying a baby is sent sprawling, but he fortunately saves himself and the tiny tot from disaster.

After the video was posted online yesterday, it racked up an impressive number of views and even gained the attention of the MTA, who immediately blocked off the stairs for repairs. See? One person CAN make a difference.