A stray dog named Xiaosa has become an unlikely national hero in China after following a group of cyclists on a 1,100 mile trek. So what inspired the pooch to take the lengthy journey? Food, of course. (Dogs are so typical.)

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The pup began following the cyclists after one of them fed her at the start of the race in Sichuan province. From there, Xiaosa stayed with the riders for almost 25 days as they biked to Tibet. Despite her small size, the dog kept up with the pack, managing 30-40 miles per day and scaling 12 mountains, some of which were as high as 14,000 feet.

The dog, one cyclist said, even finished the race on foot when others looked for easier alternatives. "Many people stopped cycling in some sections, then took the bus, but the dog made it," a cyclist said.

A blog by one of the cyclists chronicled the plucky dog's trip and attracted 40,000 fans by the end of the race. Some fans on the Web even started calling her "Forrest Gump," after the Tom Hanks character who also displayed a penchant for running.

Fortunately, one of the cyclists was impressed by Xiaosa's tenacity and decided to adopt her. The dog has reportedly received a clean bill of health from a vet and is enjoying life in a new home.