If a cat were to pack for a trip, what do you think it would bring? A plastic ball with a bell in it? A portable scratching post? A small pouch of catnip? According to this funny video entitled 'Cat Pack,' the answer is none of the above.

As the video begins, YouTube user Olan Rogers asks his sweater-wearing cat Starscream if he's packed for an upcoming trip. But when Rogers looks inside the cat's tiny purse, he discovers a single french fry, which he describes as "hauntingly cold." And besides, he says, "a fry's shelf life is, like, five minutes. Anything past that is diarrhea."

Upon further investigation, Rogers finds other random objects, including a 4GB SD card, a toy mouse and a Reese's peanut butter Christmas tree, which the cat says came to him via a "magic lasso." But Rogers declares it stolen and confiscates the candy. This enrages Starscream, who pelts Rogers with candy canes until he begrudgingly hands it back.

If this wonderfully random video teaches us anything, it's this -- let your cat pack whatever they want for a trip. It's definitely not worth the aggravation.