Today, May 4th, is 'Star Wars Day.' ("May The Fourth Be With You." Get it?)

It's a fan-generated holiday, and over on the website there are all sorts of ways to celebrate, including special deals on merchandise and special Facebook photos that you can use to tell all your friends the "Force is with you" this May 4th.

It's actually one of two "Star Wars Days," as some folks observe May 25th, which was the date in 1977 when 'Star Wars' was first released.

Is there any other pop-cultural phenomenon big enough for two days of celebration? We doubt it. (Of course, for some folks every day is 'Star Wars Day." Those folks are usually dressed in Stormtrooper outfits.)

We'd include all the nifty bakers who painstakingly made the impressive 'Star Wars' cakes featured below in the group that takes a year-round approach to Jedi-related celebration. Yes, all of the baked goods are really made from flour and the like. (No Bantha milk required.) And no, we didn't test them ourselves. Some cakes are just too good to eat. Check them out below, you must.