We consider ourselves fans of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' but we never noticed how often members of the Enterprise crew put the kibosh on Worf's suggestions. Criminy, the poor guy can't even declare a yellow alert and he's chief of security!

In this hysterical supercut, Picard, Riker and many others naysay all of the poor Klingon's ideas. You want to use the tractor beam, Mr. Worf? No way. Go to battle stations? Nuh uh. Hold and detain a hostile Romulan? Think again. Worst of all, Worf even gets laughed at by a group of giggling women. As he might say in his native language, "Puj!"

All of this raises an interesting question: if you don't want an opinionated, warlike alien around, then why make him part of the crew? Besides, last time we checked, it wasn't wise to be so openly dismissive of a Klingon.