In one of the most stomach-churning videos we've seen in a long time, a random woman interrupts a news report by spitting on camera. But she doesn't just hock a loogie once. She does it six times and continues to do so even after learning she's being filmed. Classy!

As Chris DeRose of WCIU-TV in Chicago tapes a report outside the Palmer House Hotel, a woman stops and asks for directions. Then, she obliviously walks in front of the camera and spits repeatedly while DeRose looks on in disbelief. "Sorry, I have a bad cold," she said. "It's not catching, though." Oh, great. We're sure that made the news crew feel a lot better.

After someone off-camera explains that she's being filmed, the woman apologizes and leaves, but not before forcibly clearing her lungs two more times. "When you come to Chicago, you get a cold," she said, as if that could possibly explain her disgusting (and unsanitary) behavior.

"Tell me you got that," DeRose says to his cameraman. "I feel like I need hand sanitizer and a lot of it." While gross, the crew clearly knew they had a new viral video star on their hands.