First of all, cliff diving is very dangerous and you should not do it. You especially should not do it with a Slip-n-Slide. So no matter how amazing this looks...don't try it at home.

This is a forty-foot long Slip-N-Slide that goes off the edge of a cliff. If that idea sounds familiar, that's because you're a fan of the Mythbusters: Adam and Jamie made something similar to test a waterslide viral video of a man flying hundreds of feet to land in a kiddie pool:

This slide is located at scenic Hyrum Dam, however, and was built by Utah State students attending at nearby Logan, UT, presumably on a bet. It runs about forty feet and, as you can see, takes you off the cliff.

Fortunately, it seems to grant enough momentum to get you over the rather unpleasant rock nearly two stories below and into the cool, crisp water.

Have we mentioned that you shouldn't copy this, and that it's neat to watch online but dumb to do in real life unless you know exactly what you're doing, or you're a Mythbuster? We did? Good.