What's so weird about a guy taking a nap? Sometimes the stresses of life can get to us and when we can afford to do so we are inclined to take an afternoon nap... usually in our beds or on a couch. This guy, however? Well, he opted for something else... a nap in the Susquehanna River.

Yep, a Williamsport, PA, man was seen floating in the river by some onlookers, causing a frenzy when people thought the poor guy was, in fact, dead.

But actually, he was not. A little while after the police, firemen, coroner's office and media outlets from every which way showed up, the "dead man" sat up in what we can only imagine was a terrifying moment for folks who suddenly thought they were seeing a zombie.

After waking up and coming closer to shore, it was obvious that DeAngelo was actually wearing a life jacket and had no clue as to the chaos happening around him. As he said to WNEP, he was "out like a light."

It's okay, you can laugh. It's funny.