In the latter years of the '90s, MTV unleashed the series 'Undressed,' an anthology of sexual and romantic relationships among high school and college students in Los Angeles. Needless to say, it was a bit controversial.

The cast of 'Undressed' found themselves famous almost overnight, and many of them have gone on to experience impressive and long-lasting careers. Let's take a look at some of the past cast members of MTV's 'Undressed' and see what they're up to today.

  • Bree Turner, Tina

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    Then: Before Turner was cast in 'Undressed,' she landed her first speaking role in 'Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo' the very same year. Before that, she appeared onscreen in 'The Big Lebowski,' 'She's All That,' and 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me' as a dancer.

    Now: Turner worked on 'Undressed' for 17 episodes and has had a solid career ever since. She's appeared in 'Moesha,' 'Joe Dirt,' 'American Pie 2,' and the more recent 'The Ugly Truth.' Currently, she plays Rosalee Calvert on NBC's 'Grimm.'

  • Christina Hendricks, Rhiannon

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    Then: The four-episode stint that Christina Hendricks had on 'Undressed' was among her first TV roles. She began her career in musical theater and modeled throughout her late teens and twenties. Just after her 'Undressed' stint in 1999, Hendricks picked up a regular part in 'Beggars and Choosers.'

    Now: Hendricks has a lengthy list of credits under her belt, including an especially memorable turn as Saffron on Joss Whedon's 'Firefly' and a brief appearance in 'Drive,' but her current role on AMC's 'Mad Men' is definitely what helped bring her to fame.

  • Sarah Lancaster, Liz

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    Then: Sarah Lancaster's career began in 1993 with a regular role on 'Saved by the Bell: The New Class,' which she appeared on for 79 episodes. She went on to be in 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,' 'Pacific Blue' and 'Rescue 77' before being cast as Liz in 'Undressed.'

    Now: After leaving MTV, Lancaster had a successful career in television, landing various recurring roles in 'Scrubs,' 'Everwood,' 'Dr. Vegas' and 'What About Brian.' In 2007 she scored the part of Ellie Bartowski in NBC's 'Chuck.'

  • Dante Basco, Jake

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    Then: Before his role of Jake, actor Dante Basco was Rufio in 1991's 'Hook'!!! He also worked on 'A Goofy Movie,' 'Fakin' da Funk' and 'Moesha' before landing a five-episode guest spot on 'Undressed.'

    Now: After 'Undressed,' Basco focused more on voice acting, lending his talents to 'American Dragon: Jake Long,' 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' 'Zevo-3,' and 'The Legend of Korra.'

  • Jon Huertas, Evan

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    Then: Actor Jon Huertas appeared in hits such as 'JAG,' 'Nash Bridges' and 'Beverly Hills, 90210' before playing Evan on 'Undressed' in 1999. He also appeared on eight episodes of 'Moesha' that year.

    Now: Since 'Undressed,' Huertas has had a successful career, with substantial parts in 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,' 'The Joe Schmo Show' and 'Generation Kill.' At present, he stars as Javier Esposito in 'Castle.'

  • Nicholas Gonzalez, Andy

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    Then: Before Nicholas Gonzalez played Andy on 'Undressed' for six episodes, he had only had a small part in a single episode of 'Dharma and Greg.'

    Now: Since then Gonzalez has become a successful commercial actor, earning high praise for playing Alex Santiago on 'Resurrection Blvd.' He has also had recurring characters in 'American Family,' 'The O.C.,' 'Law & Order: SVU,' 'Mental,' 'Melrose Place' and 'Off the Map.' He most recently played Keith Powers in the MTV produced series 'Underemployed.'

  • Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Todd

    Coby Ryan McLaughlin / IMDB

    Then: Before playing Todd in 'Undressed,' McLaughlin appeared as a young agent on 'The X-Files.'

    Now: After 'Undressed,'McLaughlin has worked steadily in televeision, with spots on 'Bones,' 'Two and a Half Men,' 'Women's Murder Club,' 'The Game' and 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager,' among others. McLaughlin will play Larry Bentley in the upcoming film 'A Leading Man.'

  • Reagan Gomez-Preston, Jackie

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    Then: Beginning her career as Zaria Peterson on the WB's 'The Parent 'Hood,' actress Reagan Gomez-Preston played Jackie on four episodes of 'Undressed.' That year she was featured on three shows: 'The Parent 'Hood,' 'Undressed' and 'Felicity.'

    Now: When her 'Undressed' days were done, Gomez-Preston turned up on shows like 'That '70s Show' and 'ER.' She then landed the role of Francine on 'Love, Inc.' After a small music career and numerous other spots in TV and film, Gomez-Preston currently lends her voice to the part of Roberta Tubbs in 'The Cleveland Show.'

  • Katee Sackhoff, Annie

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    Then: While actress Katee Sackhoff is known for her illustrious television career, few know that she can count 'Undressed,' where she played Annie back in 2000, as one of her earliest roles. She joined the cast  following a stint on the horror series 'The Fearing Mind.'

    Now: It goes without saying that Sackhoff has been picking the right shows to star on: 'The Education of Max Bickford,' 'Bionic Woman,' 'Nip/Tuck,' and, of course, 'Battlestar Galactica' as fan favorite Starbuck. She was also featured in 'Robot Chicken' and on the A&E original series 'Longmire.' These days, she is the voice of Bo-Katan in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' and is in the upcoming Vin Diesel sci-fi flick 'Riddick'

  • Serah D'Laine, Gretchen

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    Then: With a career that began on 'Passions' and 'Roswell,' actress Serah D'Lain played Gretchen for 40 episodes of MTV's 'Undressed.'

    Now: D'Laine's career after 'Undressed' has been varied in its type of work. She played Sarah Webber on 54 episodes of 'General Hospital' and was in 'American Pie 2' and 'Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough.' More recently, D'Laine has ventured behind the camera, working as a producer and costume designer for various films.