Recycling is one of those conservation efforts that's very hard not to support. It prevents unnecessary waste, turns old trash into new products and cleans up the environment. This effort, however, might have people making some very weird faces like they just smelled something really funky.

A Scottish pilot program called "Knowaste" is working with four Scottish councils to build patio furniture out of recycled materials. The chief source is used disposable diapers.

It might sound disgusting but the reasoning is pretty sound. Scotland goes through 160 million disposable diapers per year and are flooding the landfills because they aren't very biodegradable.

The program applies to around 36,000 homes. A special collection service picks up the diapers once a week and refines them at a special recycling facility that turns absorbent hygiene products into plastics. The plastics can then be shaped into special products such as patio furniture. If the program is successful, it could spread to the rest of the nation.

We're sure that the final product doesn't resemble its source material in anyway. Otherwise, backyard parties will feature a lot more blaming of the dog.