We love kids. And they love school. Well, not all of them, but for many school can provide some of the best experiences growing up. We all have our special memories, but school kids these days are lucky enough to grow up in the YouTube-era.

Here are two videos featuring international students participating in choreographed performances at their school.

First up are a grade four class from Taiwan, who dance  around their school to the catchy indie hit "Beat Control" by Tilly and the Wall. Do keep your eye out for a smiling boy.

Next up are a slightly older bunch of school kids from Spain who pull off a one-shot music video in a cleverly choreographed sequence all across their school premises. Watch them lip-dub to Belle and Sebastian's 'The Blues are Still Blue.'

If only our high school memories were this awesome. Oh that's right, we didn't have YouTube back in our day - or Disney's 'High School Musical'.