Yesterday, a jaunty, scarf-wearing pot-bellied pig caused a traffic jam as it negotiated a busy highway just outside of Pittsburgh. Believe it or not, we've written about animals in traffic before. But we've never seen one as well-dressed as this.

Stunned drivers reported the fashionable pig during the early morning hours as it crossed a local highway known as the Parkway West and disappeared into nearby woods. The pig's whereabouts, and where it came from, are currently unknown.

"I did have to take a second look there," said motorist Gary Bryan. "I feel bad, actually. I can't understand how a pig got loose on a parkway like that."

Since then, "Parkway Pig" has garnered something of a following on the Web with both a Twitter account and Facebook page.

But, personally, we're more impressed by the sheer length of the news report above by local CBS affiliate KDKA. (Two-and-a-half minutes!) Must have been a slow news day in Pittsburgh.