Sometimes all a fellow wants to do is make a fashion statement. Is that really a crime? Well, the saggy pants look might not be against the law, but it tends to be frowned upon in certain places, like on an airplane.

A man trying to fly out of Chicago last weekend was booted off the plane (before take off, of course), along with a female companion, because his trousers were hanging too low.

How low were they hanging, you might be wondering? According to flight attendants, the man in question was letting his pants drape down well below his buttocks. The airline has a basic dress code in place, which requires customers to wear shoes and enough clothing to cover up the naughty bits, although the phrase ‘naught bits’ might not be how the airline chooses to officially describe this regulation. The people who work in the industry have to set the dress code somewhere. Otherwise the skies would be full of flying nudists.

When the flight attendants asked the man to address the problem of his droopy, low hanging pants, he became verbally abusive with them, and also threatened to hurt the crew physically. The man, and his traveling companion collected their belongings, and left the plane before the authorities arrived and dealt with the situation. The offending couple hopped on another flight out of town some time later. We’re not sure if the man was able to keep his pants flying at half mast or not.