Then: If you remember correctly, "Oooooootay" was the signature catch phrase of Ross "Buckwheat" Bagley on 'The Little Rascals.' His signature braids, dimples and can-do attitude made him a hit with audiences. We also remember Bagley as Will Smith's little cousin with the longest name (Nicholas Andrew Michael Shawn Nathan Wanyá Banks) on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'

Now: Other than a random appearance on 'Judging Amy' in 2004, his only recent acting gig was in 'Pokemon' voicing the character of Gible. So, other than that, not many people know what he's up to. According to his Twitter page, he's a "die hard Laker[s] fan," so look for him at games if you're in the Los Angeles area. Just don't shout "Otaaaaay!" at him. He probably doesn't like that.