'Parks and Recreation' star Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) wants all the male adults out there to stop shaving until June 5th. And, no, that’s not because their paltry efforts at facial hair will just make the thick goatee he is currently sporting look even more manly.

Instead, it’s because June 5th is World Environment Day and Offerman is teaming with Budweiser to raise awareness about simple ways people can preserve water. And the simplest thing a fellow of shaving age can do to save this valuable resource is to not shave.

The average man uses five gallons of water every time he brings a razor to his face. For the sake of comparison, that’s about as much H20 as is in the typical office water cooler.

To get on board with the “Grow One, Save a Million” you can sign up at the initiative's Facebook page. Budweiser hopes that if enough people pledge not to shave until next Tuesday, a million gallons of water will be saved.

You never know -- by letting it grow, you might learn that scotch and breakfast meats really do taste better together.