It's time for a logic word problem. If a robber tried to rob a restaurant without a gun and steal the whole cash register instead of grabbing the cash, how far do you think he would get?

The answer is not very far. Logic can be a cruel mistress.

An alleged robber in Marina, California tried to knock over a Chinese restaurant at "finger-point." Then when his plans didn't go exactly as planned, he ditched the register and fled the scene.

The suspect, 24-year-old Robert Bennett, allegedly tried to hit the Ho-Wah Restaurant. He walked up to an employee behind the cash register and demanded cash while pretending to point a handgun from inside his pocket. The gun, however, happened to be his finger.

Instead of complying with his request, the employee "just kind of froze," according to police. So the robber picked up the whole register rather than try to open it and get the cash out himself, and ran out the front door with it. Unfortunately, the cash register was much heavier than he anticipated and he only got about 100 yards away before ditching it and grabbing whatever cash fell out of it.

Police arrived at the restaurant just a few minutes after the robbery and traced Bennett back to an apartment complex. Bennett tried to run through a nearby carport before he gave up and police arrested him. One officer described the chase as "almost like a Keystone Kops thing." We're not sure: it sounds more like a Three Stooges routine to us.