Social media has turned into a hotbed for celebrity death hoaxes, from Jon Bon Jovi to Cher.

To combat this scourge of misinformation stars who find themselves suddenly dead on Twitter are increasingly turning to Facebook to disprove these false rumors of their demise. Country star Reba McEntire was the latest bold-faced name to adopt that strategy when the Twittersphere began buzzing about a (fake) article which had the country legend falling 100 feet to her death from a mountain in Austria.

In response, this showed up on Reba's Facebook page.

Hmm, third person. Sort of suspicious. Dead celebrities still have PR reps, right? But, never fear, Reba remedied that with a personal message on Facebook which came about an hour later

In short, Reba McEntire is alive. And at least 23,675 people are happy that she is.