It was recently calculated that there isn't enough money in the world to build a Death Star like the Empire had in 'Star Wars,' but for the low price of  $150 you can buy yourself a real TIE Fighter... Wait, what?

Okay, so it's really scaled down to a third of the size and it doesn't fly at all, let alone at light speed. But it does have a cockpit designed to hold three hundred pounds and laser cannons set to fire party poppers. Not quite sure how useful this will be against Luke Skywalker and the rebels just yet.

It's all the brain child of an Olympia, WA man who built it with his kids as part of a father/son church project. Presumably he is selling it on Craigslist because his wife maintains a strict "no starfighters in the yard" policy.

If you want to build the TIE fighter yourself, the seller says he has no formal plans, but can send you detailed photos. Though he warns the process did involve the Pythagorean Theorem. So before you can accumulate the fire power needed for intergalatic domination you might have to brush up on your math skills.