Weathermen are one of the coolest people on TV. We realize that’s a pretty huge statement, but it’s one in which we’re fairly confident.

Why? These storm-tracking dudes have proven it. Sure, there was that strange Al Roker turns into a mannequin instance, but we’ll just ignore those really weird few seconds in weatherman history. Some other guys have been seen Tebowing during Hurricane Isaac, getting hit in the face with pie on ‘Good Morning America’, and now, rapping about the weather.

Nick Kosir is a meteorologist from Twin Falls, Idaho, who has amped up the cool factor even more for weathermen everywhere. He wrote and performed a rap about his day-to-day work adventures while creating one of the most creative videos we've seen in a while. Somehow, Nick does a sort of rearranging of iPhones routine that looks so meteorologically magical, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Before you watch, just stop and think for a second: Nick is a weatherman, a rapper, a video whiz AND a YouTube sensation. Could he get any cooler?!