Raccoons will go to great lengths to eat trash. So imagine what they would do if folks were actually feeding them yummy Doritos, fresh from the package.

Well you don't have to imagine, actually. As that has been what's going in front of the Stop and Save in Richwood, TX.

Raccoons had long resided in the woods next to the Stop and Save, scavenging from the scattered trash. But shoppers found the furry creatures irresistible and began feeding them convenience store delicacies such as Doritos, Cheetos and chocolate bars. So now the coons come to the store's parking lot to beg.

Stephanie Rutkowsk, an animal lover and Stop and Save patron has noticed up to 62 at a time.

"They’re just gentle, and they’re sweet," said Rutkowske, who feeds them regularly. "I had one when I was little, so I’m kind of partial to them."

Not surprisingly, wildlife officials aren't as enamored with the scene, pointing out that raccoons can spread diseases such as rabies.

On the bright side, health-wise, if everybody leaving a convenience store gave some of their junk food to a raccoon it could help with the nation's obesity crisis.