It's with a heavy heart that we report that Heidi, the opossum who gained worldwide fame for her adorably crossed eyes, had to be euthanized on Wednesday due to painful arthritis. Just when we'd finally gotten over the passing of Knut the polar bear, our hearts are broken again.

Although Heidi was raised in an animal sanctuary in North Carolina, she later found a home at Germany's Leipzig Zoo, where she gained notoriety after photos of her running around and doing possum things became viral hits. Her Facebook page currently has over 300,000 fans.

Veterinarians say fatty deposits behind her eyes caused their comical appearance.

A statement from the zoo said in part, "Heidi, our cross-eyed opossum, has closed her eyes forever today. She passed away having shown typical symptoms of her old age and having severely suffered from arthrosis." They just couldn't resist the pun there, could they? Too soon, Leipzig Zoo. Too soon.

In accordance with animal welfare guidelines, the beloved marsupial was euthanized to spare her any further pain. Heidi was three-and-a-half years old. The maximum life expectancy for an opossum is four to five years.

In honor of Heidi, we present a video retrospective of those bewitching, crossed eyes. Thankfully, she will forever live on in our memories. And also via annoying YouTube songs. Godspeed, lil' possum.

[via CBS News]

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