If you watched the recent Westminster Dog Show, you've surely seen an adorable commercial for Purina Pro Plan which features dogs of different colors, breeds and sizes doing all of the things we love so much about dogs. It's one of the more striking dog videos you will ever see, commercial or otherwise.

The action in the spot follows the lyrics to the song that is playing. So what is that song?

The song is 'Great' by Tony Rogers, a singer/songwriter whose music often appears in commercials. Rogers coordinated the release of the song with Purina's Every Good Dog Can Be a Great Dog ad campaign. In fact, if you buy the single on Bandcamp all the proceeds will go to Purina's Rally to Rescue, a charity that has helped find homes for almost half a million dogs.

Now that's a great cause. But is 'Great' a great song? Listen to it below and decide.

Check out Purina's 'Every Dog Can Be Great' commercial