Puppy Conan is back. If you remember, Conan launched an all-puppy version of his late night show last week, inspired by the Puppy Bowl, which is counter-programmed each year against the Super Bowl.

Puppy Conan and friends didn't behave as well this time as they did last. However, that just makes for more adorable TV.

Much to real Andy Richter's horror, Puppy Andy almost immediately jumped on Puppy Conan's desk and began drinking from his boss' mug. Although Puppy Conan didn't mind, and just joined him at the ceramic trough.

An attempt to add a puppy cameraman, with a working camera on his back, similarly backfired when the pooch was more interested in finding a mug to drink from than shooting footage. All this drinking left Conan to wonder if there was gravy in the mugs.

The guest on Puppy Conan Monday night was Puppy Flavor Flav, complete with viking hat and over-sized clock. Surprisingly, the Public Enemy hype man's puppy version was quite reserved, barely budging from his seat on the couch. The puppy world and the human world are very different, indeed.

[via Team Coco}