Move over Prince Eric and tell Hercules to stop the presses, there's a real-life Disney prince that will jump to a damsel in distress's aid! England's hunky Prince William took on the role of a living, breathing Prince Charming last Thursday when he rushed to the aid of a young woman.

The handsome young Prince, who is a pilot in the Royal Air Force and is stationed on the island of Anglesey, had just finished up a RAF Search and Rescue Force exercise when the call came in that there was trouble off of the coast of Wales. They arrived in the nick of time to see two young women who had been caught in a rip current while they were body boarding. One young damsel was rescued by a surfer, but her friend was still in the water and becoming more and more exhausted.

Prince William pulled her to safety, and both women were flown to Bangor in North Wales to be admitted to a hospital. The near-drowning clearly shook both ladies up, and the rescued woman mentioned that she honestly believed that she was going to drown out there. The brave young prince may be teased for his looks from time to time, but  he is on his way to becoming a real life hero!