It's been a bad week for internet famous animals. Meow, the fat cat once held by Anderson Cooper passed recently as did the Falling Bear. Now, it appears the celebrity death "rule of threes" applies to internet famous animals as well with the passing of Prince Harry the Pygmy Hippo on Wednesday.

The three-month-old  pygmy hippo from South Africa who had many calling "Photoshop fake!" died from respiratory arrest and heart failure on the operating table during surgery to repair an umbilical hernia.

The calf was being hand-raised by caretakers at Cango Wildlife Ranch after the little guy was rejected by his mother shortly after birth. The "too-cute-for-words jelly-belly" helped to raise awareness for pygmy hippos of which there are only 3,000 remaining in the wild.

Prince Harry is survived by his parents, Herbert and Hilda, and two siblings.

Leave your condolences on Harry's Facebook wall. We remember the good times with his cutest pics below.