Darth Vader in a suit. This brilliant concept is the work of an artist named John Woo, who has imagined what pop culture favorites from 'Star Wars,' 'The Dark Knight' and more would look like as high-end runway models. 

The series is called 'He Wears It' and includes paintings of your favorite geek figures donning outfits from brands like Band of Outsiders, Viktor & Rolf and Thom Browne, among others. Check out a sample of Woo's work below.

We have to give props to the man's work. Woo made a despicable character like Jar Jar Binks look good. Darth Vader may not have the 'mean boss' look without his cape, but we agree it was about time Chewbacca put on some pants. If you like what you see above, Woo has many more paintings featuring haute couture pop culture faves (even Rambo) for sale on his Etsy page at $60 a piece.