When it was on the air, MTV's 'Pimp My Ride' played a part in driving the craze for car modifications. The premise involved host Xbizit giving a contestant's run-down car a series of modifications that turn the ride into something that makes heads turn. It also involved the car owner shrieking in joy upon seeing the results.

YouTube comedian Freddie Wong believes the show's concept could be used for a spin-off, using mustangs. Nope, not the cars. Actual mustang horses. 

Unicorn horn? Chrome spinning rims? Everything in this video is full of "win," but where Wong had us in hysterics was surely the "bass" on the horse as the bonus feature. Shockingly, this show was "cancelled" after only one episode, according to Wong and his crew. We take it animal rights group would not be pleased to see sub-woofers attached to a horse.