Do you remember posing for prom pictures? Chances are, your experience wasn't anything like what these Wisconsin high school students went through as a pier collapsed from underneath them.

Immediately before their junior prom on Saturday, a dozen students from Kettle Moraine High School gathered on a pier at a friend's house for pictures. While they posed, the structure gave way and the teens plunged into the waters of Lac La Belle.

“We were all trying to squeeze on one part of the pier…and we were trying to get more people on,” said Sydney Rogers. “All of a sudden I was standing in the water. We landed on our feet, but it went from posing for a picture to standing in the water, just like that.”

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured and the girls were able to save their dresses with the help of sewing kits and hair dryers. From there, they proceeded to the dance.

“We were all pretty lucky ... We’ve been laughing ever since it happened,” said Rogers. “None of us were too upset because it was too funny.”

Check out before-and-after photos below.