Rosemount High School in Minnesota pulled an awesome prank on some of their winter sports captains that they'll either look back at and laugh or describe to their therapist.

The captains blindfolded all of the star players and told them they were about to get a big wet kiss from someone. Since the teenagers had more hormones coursing through their system than a roided-up MLB pitcher, they thought they'd be getting some "muchas smoochas" from a special admirer.

Then it gets creepy. The secret admirers turned out to be their own parents and these weren't some innocent kisses. They upgraded to full blown make-out sessions with one pair actually ending up on the floor. Thankfully, the video is tasteful enough not to show the part where the kids gouge their own eyes out "Oedipus-style".

The school's principal has apologized for the prank, noting this is the first time that anyone has ever complained about it. That explains why there are so many banjo players in the school's marching band. Watch the world's most awkward prank below.

[via dlisted]