This commercial for Oreos is set at a school board meeting which manages to be both contentious and boring. Not fun! But when the kids the parents are arguing on behalf of arrive with plates of Oreo cookies, suddenly the mood lightens, and everybody is able to "celebrate the kid inside."

So what's the song which helps shift the mood  in the spot?

It's 'As Time Goes By,' sung by Bryan Ferry. Ferry, who fronted the influential '70s band Roxy Music before becoming a solo artist, is much more famous in his native England than in the US. But music fans all around the world would recognize the smooth-voiced crooner's 1985 hit 'Slave To Love.'

'As Time Goes By,' was written by Herman Hupfeld in 1931, and is best known for being sung by piano player and singer Dooley Wilson ("Sam") in the legendary film 'Casablanca.'

So it's a song with quite an impressive history. You can check out the Oreo commercial, as well as the full Bryan Ferry and the 'Casablanca' version of the tune, below.