When NBC reporter Ben Aaron visited a senior center to do a segment on long-lasting love, he met two old guys - Harvey and Eddy - in their 80s who he instantly took a liking to. Interested to know more about them, Aaron did a segment on the duo and asked them a thing or two about modern-day society.

When asked if they "party," all Aaron got from them was a laugh. Needless to say, the two seniors are not on Facebook and prefer to talk to people face-to-face. Oh, they also wonder why people don't write letters anymore. Harvey and Eddy have never listened to rap music (shocker) but don't object to a bit of Adele.

Watch their interview, in which Aaron asks for their opinion on pop culture and current events, below.

Talk about a true "bromance." It's adorable whenever we see people with lasting relationships as old as this. Makes us wonder if we'll ever be this cool when we're senior citizens.