If you're hoping for maximum exposure, you can't get a much bigger audience than the Super Bowl. Chevrolet and OK Go both have a reason to hope the audience will be a big one.

The band will premiere the quirky video for their new song "Needing/Getting" as an ad for Chevrolet's new fuel-efficient hatchback, the Sonic. The full video will gets its first set of eyes during the big game on Sunday between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

And thanks to the new trend in Super Bowl marketing of companies releasing commercial teasers for their commercials, the band released a teaser video for their video/commercial on their official YouTube page.

The video features the boys sitting in Chevy's Sonic on a dirt track filled with a slew of traditional and homemade instruments. No one knows how the two might interact, but given the ridiculously high production value of their previous video works, either the car will play each note on the instruments as they zoom past them or...actually, anything other than that would surprise the heck out of us. Check out the teaser below.

[via Time]