Nine Inch Nails lead singer Trent Reznor has long projected a dark image for his band. This is apparent in NIN's often bleak lyrics, steampunk aesthetic and spooky music videos for songs like 'Closer' and 'Hurt.'

Because of this, a show called 'Dance Party USA' is about the last place you'd expect Nine Inch Nails to pop up on. But pop up they did. Oh, pop up they did.

Yup, that's industrial prince Reznor bopping around like he was a member of EMF, or some other late '80s/ early '90s era dance group.

In fact, that is exactly when the performance took place -- either late 1989 or early 1990. NIN had just released their debut album, 'Pretty Hate Machine,' and Reznor obviously wasn't above dancing like a madman to promote its lead single 'Down In It.'

Sadly, 'Dance Party USA' was cancelled in 1992. We can only wonder what happen to that fantastic set.