Whether he's reciting the lyrics to popular songs, or confronting naked, Fudgesicle-wiedling burglars, Nic Cage always keeps things interesting.

And things were interesting indeed when the Oscar-winning actor meet his wax doppelganger at Paris's Musee Grevin museum.

As you can see, Cage reacted to the almost perfect replica of himself with his signature look of befuddlement. Speaking to the press about the encounter, he explained that his emotions ranged from fear to delight, and said that he can't look at his wax twin for too long because he becomes afraid it is going to turn and say something to him. Really, would you expect Cage to react any differently?

All in all, Cage seemed highly entertained by the figurine, which was actually a bit taller than him because it had been outfitted with a pair of strongly-heeled cowboy boots. Maybe Cage and the statue can star in a 'Face Off' sequel, which would just be a movie about two Nic Cages. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

[via Huffington Post]