'How I Met Your Mother' star Neil Patrick Harris always puts on a good show. But he really outdid himself as the host of the 66th annual Tony Awards last night during a musical opener starring Amanda Seyfried, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Patti LuPone and the cast of 'The Book of Mormon.'

In a musical number called “What If Life Were More Like Theater?," Harris wondered aloud what would happen if life was more like a stage play. Well, it would make break-ups quick and painless, for example, and allow for seven-second costume changes with ease.

Also, as Harris pointed out, everyone would speak with impeccable diction, share secrets in a "shouted whisper" and taking a sick day would be easy thanks to understudies.

Still, Harris isn't delusional, and realizes that life is nothing like the theater in reality. Just as he starts to get seriously bummed by this fact, Broadway's Little Orphan Annie (Lilla Crawford) shows up with some comforting words. And while she does provide some solace, Harris can't resist a snarky comment.

"You've got a point, Little Orphan Know-it-all," said Harris. "But, since you're not back on Broadway until next Fall, why don't you go find your parents?"

Oh, Neil Patrick Harris. Why can't you host every awards show?